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Introducing Stikka

Introducing Stikka! logo

Everybody loves stickers. That’s why Stikka exists!

Why stickers?

  • I wanted to create somethig not related to programming.
  • Always buying different stickers. I need to create them by myself

What about the name?

I really like to use short hand usage of words. Sticker can be read as “stikka”. That’s that basic.

Why Prestashop?

Being honest, I don’t like web development. It is really time consuming for me. Because I am not really good at design.

I started looking for solutions. I checked out Wix, Squarespace and few others. They’re expensive (because I am currently living in Turkey and earning as Turksih Liras). I need something long lasting and has community support. That’s where Prestashop shines:

  • It is really easy to use.
  • You can get a hosting for a cheap price.
  • You can customize it with low amount of effort.
  • It’s free!

The only drawback was, it wasn’t built on top of modern technologies. It’s using PHP but I give it a try. Now everything works fine.

Stikka is ready for your orders.

Just go to and give it a try.

Feedback is always welcome.